Spiritual stumbling blocks

Being on this path to enlightenment (yes, I just rolled my third eye) is often described as a journey where you take one step forward and 6 steps back. Let us take a journey to explore a couple of things that will slow the progress on your spiritual journey, even if you think it won’t.

You must be ‘trippin’
I cannot tell you the number of times I have had people tell me about the amazing ‘meditation’ they had on some drug.

Before I continue, I need to state the obvious... I don’t care if you take drugs. If you want to sit in the forest and make yourself a magic mushroom omelette over an open fire while connecting to fairies... knock yourself out. As long as you are not trying to force me to do it, we are good.

However, you will also not be able to fool me, like you are fooling yourself.
I grant you that this might sound harsh to some – I don’t care. Suck it up buttercup. There is no shortcut when it comes to your spiritual journey and there never will be. If you are not able to have that amazing meditation without some sort of drug, then you have achieved absolutely nothing. Actually, that is wrong. You have successfully lowered your vibration enough to set you back ever so slightly.

There is a reason you feel so ‘down’ after a high... it’s called reality.

It is time for you to deal with your reality and learn the lessons that you are here to learn the hard way... like everyone else. No lesson is ever learnt while in your comfort zone or rather, without some sort of discomfort.

Besides, you may be surprised at the magic of this journey without the aid of any drug.

TAKE NOTE: I am only talking about using ‘aids’ to gain spiritual growth. If you own the fact that you are using drugs for recreation – have fun.

Hurry up enlightenment – I don’t have all-day
Another favourite that I encounter often is forcing Kundalini energy to rise... If you are trying to force your Kundalini to rise by any external force instead of it being activated through your own spiritual growth, then be prepared for the consequences - actual physical and psychological consequences.

This applies to all energetic energy that flows through our bodies. Look at it this way... If you connect a huge machine that requires phase 3 electricity to the socket in your bedroom, you will experience a power surge that can burn out your entire circuit.

Simplistic... perhaps but you get where I am going here. As previously stated – learn the lessons like everyone else, the hard way. It has lasting consequences and it is a lot less harmful.

It’s not me. It’s you!
Oh, woe is me... If you are still blaming everyone else for everything that has gone wrong and still goes wrong in your life, then you are not even close to done with your journey. You might think you see the finish line in the distance but in reality, it is the journey starting all over again. Stop focusing on the external causes of your problems. Focus on you and your actions that cause the problems in your life and journey. You will never have control over other people’s actions but you will and do have the power and control over your own. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and make the positive changes you need to make and accept responsibility for your actions. Growth in any form does not mean that you do not make mistakes it means you keep on trying in spite of your mistakes. Enough said.

I’m so positive I am just bursting with fruit flavours
“Stay positive” and “positive vibes” are thrown around like cure-all buzz words and wouldn’t it be lovely if we were able to stay positive all the time? However, last time I checked, life was not all about rainbows and glitter farting unicorns. Life is damn hard at times. We get hurt, angry, disappointed and jealous – Feeling those emotions are not signs of weakness, it is reality. Spiritual growth is not about never experiencing these so-called negative emotions. It is about how we deal with them. Really feel and honour every emotion you feel and in honouring it you work through it and in working through it, you release it. Wow... that was one hell of a mouthful in one breath.

Don’t you dare judge me you unenlightened cow
I have often spoken about what I call spiritual snobbery. It is something I struggle with on a daily basis. People having been told that they cannot touch crystals as they will dilute the energy of the crystal. People telling me how they have cut everyone that is not on the same path as them, out of their lives. People who look down on anyone that is not spiritual (according to who?) and judging the hell out of them for not being enlightened.

Stop it, just STOP IT.

It is time for all of us to take ownership and apply our damn minds while practising discernment. Stop believing every little thing you hear. It is not true because you read it on the internet (ironic... I kow). It is not true because some self-proclaimed ‘Guru’ or ‘Spiritual Leader’ said it is. You do not have to walk six times, anti-clockwise around a cedar tree to connect with elemental energy. You do not cut people out of your life because their belief system is not the same as yours. Your journeys might not be the same but it does not make their journey any less important, for their growth, than yours. You do not have to do anything. Except what is right for you.

Spirituality is about balance (Yin and Yang baby). Spirituality is about love and acceptance. Spirituality is about respect for all living beings and their journey... whatever it may be. Spirituality is about the lack of ego... not the nourishing of it.
Don’t be a judgy, egotistical, holier than thou twat... see what I did there?