Crystal misconception - Numero uno

As the title suggests I would like to talk about one of the many misconceptions that are out there in the world regarding crystals.

I cannot receive a crystal as a gift because then it hasn’t chosen me.

A while back a friend of mine said that she once bought a crystal for a friend and when she handed it to her, she declined it, saying “oh no – I cannot take that. A crystal is supposed to pick me”.

Just to be clear... I call bullshit!

A WOW moment

Let us have a look at this specific scenario for a second. My friend walks into a crystal shop and sees a crystal and instantly thinks of someone - other than herself. Buys it as a gift for that person and then gives her that beautiful crystal the next time they meet up. How can you not see that that crystal has chosen you? Were you in the shop? No. Was there a chance of you going to this specific shop before someone else took it home? Chances are no.

I have been working with crystals for many, many years and there has only ever been one case where I can honestly say that a crystal literally ‘jumped’ onto someone’s foot to make sure that that person took it home.

We were standing talking and somehow an Ametrine that was in a bowl, on a shelf shot out and landed on his foot. No bouncing off, no rolling around… just lay there. Needless to say, he did take it home with him. Did someone’s sleeve nick it? Did the wind blow it out of the bowl? Who knows, the fact of the matter is that it landed on his foot.

It was a profound experience for the 3 of us in my beautiful little shop, but that is not how it works 99.9% of the time. You see, a crystal can choose you via a friend that happens to walk past it. A crystal can choose you by you 'liking the look of it'. A crystal can choose you by getting hot in your hand and for that matter getting cold in your hand. A crystal can choose you by simply letting someone you know, know that it is meant for you… by a thought of you while looking at it and yes, a crystal can choose you by jumping out of a bowl and landing on your foot.

What is the point I am trying to make?

My point is that if a crystal is meant for you, you will get it by any means possible. I find it terribly sad, that someone, who has been given incorrect information, is unable to see the magnificence of the fact that that crystal did choose them. I find it terribly sad that someone who has been given incorrect information did not get to experience what that beautiful crystal wanted to share with them.

But how do misconceptions like this get out there into the world?

Misconceptions like this start when someone allows their ego and spiritual snobbery to get the better of them – and it is truly as simple as that. It is time that we, collectively, take back the truth. Before you simply accept ‘rules’ passed on by someone, I would like you to remember this.

There is no wrong way of getting a crystal and there never could be, no matter what anyone tells you.

So, go ahead and accept that gift - it might be the crystal that gives you the strength you need to change your life.