Best (and not so best) ways of cleansing your crystals

Cleansing crystals
What to do, or not to do – I sound a bit Shakespearian but hey.
Would it surprise you that I don’t agree with the most common methods out there? Thought not… I do however plan on giving you my reasons for not agreeing.
Let us go through them one by one:

When you are scrolling through page after crystal related page on the web you will notice that most will tell you to cleanse your crystals in water. Weeeeeell, I am here to tell you… don’t!
Here is my reason for this…
When I started on my crystal journey 10 000-yrs ago I learnt this lesson the hard and heartbreaking way. I had spent – what was to me – a small fortune on a spectacular polished Angelite crystal. As I paid for it, and some other beauties, the lady behind the counter kindly reminded me to cleanse my crystals in water when I get home. I could not wait and a few hours later as I took my crystals out of the water, I instantly noticed a problem with my Angelite. The shine was gone and it looked as if I had played a rough game of marbles with it. To say I was devastated would be an understatement. From that day on I made it a mission of mine to really look into ways of cleansing crystals that above all will not harm a single one of them.

There are a lot of crystals that cannot handle water and either start breaking down or break down completely when they get wet but there is another reason that I will not put any crystals in water… chemicals. There are so many chemicals in our water that we drink – and I for one will not subject my crystals to them. Over a period of time, these chemicals will damage your crystal beauties. Another thing to remember is that any crystal that is 5 or under on the Moh’s Scale of hardness is not suitable to be put in or near water. However, there are exceptions going both ways on the scale. Always double-check.

Tip to remember:
As a general rule most (not all) crystal that ends in “ite” such as Selenite, Lepidolite, Azurite, Malachite, Calcite, Angelite, Celestite, Fluorite, Rhodocrosite and Ammolite are not safe to get wet.

There are a lot of people that firmly believe that putting their crystals on Himalayan Rock Salt or any salt for that matter is a good way of cleansing crystals. I do not agree…

The reason? Salt scratches your crystals – especially crystals that fall in the lower range of the Moh’s Scale (See image along with this post – don’t say I never give you anything ).

Quick question… what happens to you when you stay in the sun too long? You burn right? So can your crystals. Noticed how your quartz based crystals have faded? The sun could be the culprit as quartz is known to bleach over time from exposure to the sun. I am not talking about an hour here and there but rather crystals that are left in window sills permanently or left out in the garden for long periods of time.

This method involves burying your crystals in your garden to charge/cleanse them. I say nope…
Unless of course, you are 100%sure that there are no fertilizers or chemicals in your soil as those will damage your crystals over the long run. Not to mention the moisture in the soil… see water above.

Full Moon
This is a brilliant way of cleansing your crystals, however… I have been in this business for more years than I can count and I still forget when it is full moon. I even have friends who message me to remind me and then my son needs an ear-bud and poof… I forget. So, if you can remember to put all your crystals in the moonlight – go for gold! I should just mention that it may also take me a whole day to put all my crystals in strategic positions to get said moonlight so yeah, I generally don’t do this myself.

Burning Sage/Mpepho and cleansing your crystals with the smoke is a fantastic and safe way of getting the job done. Go for it buttercup.

Brown Rice
My favourite! Why brown rice? White rice has been bleached so not letting that chemical shit storm near my crystals, brown rice will not damage/scratch your crystals and it is easy and doable. Wild rice is best but I don’t have the disposable income to keep the wild rice farmer in business with the amount of rice I go through. The method is simple enough, I place my crystals on a layer of brown rice for 24-hrs and the job is done. Easy peasy. Do not eat the rice once your crystals have cleansed on it… throw it away. Some people do like to cover their crystals completely with the rice but I really don’t think this is necessary. I would, however, suggest that the rice be placed in a glass bowl for the purpose of cleansing and not plastic. I even have a small cut glass bowl next to my bed with a little bit of brown rice in for the crystals I had on me that day, to cleanse while I sleep.

Couple more safe ways to cleanse your crystal beauties:
If you were paying attention you will know not to get this beauty wet, but I digress. Placing Selenite among your other crystals is fantastic as it will cleanse them for you.

Reiki energy can be sent to your crystals for cleansing purposes.

Singing Bowls:
The tone of singing bowls will cleanse your crystals beautifully.

What are you waiting for? Go cleanse your specials right way.